Architectural concrete GRC

Architectural concrete is a term that in the area of design and architecture, for several years, has been gaining more and more popularity. It is used both in the cladding of walls, facade panels, and in furniture tops, work surfaces, bathrooms, small architecture, or even in small decorative objects. However, it is purely aesthetic, behind which stands different technologies which has enormous importance for its creation and very different strength parameters based on usage.

It is, after all important for the investor; the parameter of frost resistance used for facades, the floor slab which is one or three centimetres thick and how fast it will wear off. How important is the weight of the counter-top!? These differences may reach several hundred kilograms of comparable sizes! Our material is technologically advanced concrete GRC that is: Glass reinforced concrete. GRC technology, in contrast to the traditional, most commonly used by manufacturers of concrete mixes, the highest in performance and durability. With GRC, we have no such restrictions on the dimensions of concrete slabs, while maintaining their small thickness and weight.

A typical element of 250/100 cm produced at a thickness of 11 mm while maintaining high strength guaranteeing complete security installation! Comparing to products made of conventional technologies GRC is two, three times lighter with a higher performance bending strength.

The installation of such concrete slabs can be done without the need for a reinforced wall and without using the structure, Which leaves you with no weight on your shoulders as you can be sure that GRC means safety, durability, efficiency, stability, and a joy to use.

More technical information is presented in the "GRC architectural concrete", due to the information


Interior walls & claddings

Floor staircase

Outdoor flower pots

Washbasin furniture

Window sills tops

Decorative tiles


Vintage limited edition

Realisation: private house, August 2016 Material: Vintage GRC boards A private investor. Slabs from Vintage limited edition made for individual order. Characterised by diversity, uniqueness of their individual stripes and spots. This is concrete in its most raw and wild form. Soon, the collection will be marketed in Western Europe. More photos below.

Our tiles were appreciated by the French magazine D’architectures!

We do great and small things

Realisation: private house, August 2016 Material: GRC boards A private investor. This time, boards in a private bathroom, used as wall cladding, flooring and countertop.

A pinch of the concrete folklore

Realisation: villa, Zakopane, October 2015 Material: GRC board with a relief, for individual order A private investor. Folk pattern in a modern interior? Why not! Thanks to the GRC concrete technology, it is possible to create reliefs in the boards with a thickness of only 11 mm! Such an idea has been used in the slab project with traditional highlander imprint. The structure of the OS1 board, with OSB relief, further strengthens the great effect.  


Realisation: Fitness Club POWERFIT, Zawiercie, April 2016 Material: GRC boards, smoothn finishing A private investor. We invite you to the newly opened Powerfit Fitness Club in Zawiercie! For finishing the reception Artis Visio boards were used. The effect of homogeneous monolith was achieved thanks to the high smoothness and naturalness of the material. Ina ddition, the waterproof varnish prevents water from entering into the structure of the material, but also enhances the natural silkiness of the surface.    

Jolanta Kleser’s culinary studio – Pracownia SMAKU

Realisation: slabs and 3D tiles, Katowice The new, delicious and elegant spot on the map of Katowice! The restaurant of MasteChef contestant - Jolanta Kleser. Here workshops and culinary demonstrations are conducted, as well as thematic lectures. This project uses models od 3D tiles - Pero, Kili, Serpente, Puro, La Ramla and flat slabs made with GRC technology. Feel invited on a culinary and aesthetic experience!


Our concrete is FIT

Realisation: a network of fitness clubs - Cityfit Rivall tiles made using the technology od architectural concrete GRC in white, has become a permanent part of the interiors of CityFit's network of gyms throughout the country. Further investments are foreseen. Train in an energising atmosphere! An interesting play of light and colour, appreciation for the design. Cityfit interiors are tasteful and out decorative 3D tiles Rivall are its culmination.    

Carvido Furniture Collection

Investor: German furniture manufacturer Realisation: a colletion of furniture using architectural concrete GRC Out products and capabilities are appreciated not only in Poland. Carvido is a collection of concrete furniture. A Manufacturer of distinction on the European market, combines the beaty of architectural concrete with the warmth od wood. By combining these materials and their simple forms, the producer gives the furniture timelessness.

Architectural concrete GRC in office space

Realisation: Bielsko-Biała A private investor. For this project we used slabs of architectural concrete, dimensions of 120/60 cm, thickness of 11 mm. A natural grey colour, with a medium porous finishing. Recently, in the centre of Bielsko-Biała opened the headquarters of a private client. In this lof arrangement Artis Visio materials were used, in an unusul vertical orientation, emphasazing the height of the interior. Stunning effects combined with wood joinery and glass. Congratulations to the architect!


A new restaurant on the map of the capital

Realisation: "Nadwiślański Świt" - Restaurant A private investor. A new restaurant in Warsaw, where our 3D concrete tiles Rivall, have been used. Arranged on the structural pillars of the building, they are one of the dominant elements of interior design. For this concept, customized elements were made; filling the corners of field with tiles, as to obtain a form of a full rectangle. The space in which delicious smells mingle with a feast for the eyes seeking exceptional design.  

Industrial Facility /Cladding

Industrial Facility

 April 2015

The project of elevation of industrial hall is a great challenge. Industrial halls are huge, therefore in this project we used grey elevation boards of 160/60 cm. Those boards are made of architectural concrete. The elevation is made also of OS3 architectural concrete colourised boards. The whole project is executed very carefully and gives the building unique character.


Center for Documentation and Deportation Upper Silesians to the USSR in the 1945

Facility: Center for Documentation and Deportation Upper Silesians to the USSR in the 1945

Place: Bytom Radzionków, January 2015

Who confided us: Radzionków borough, Architectonic Agency ‘’Kolores’’ – Robert Kwiatek

A lot of non-standard elements have been used in this project. You may see our works in the guise of architectural concrete showcases with a clapboard relief, and wall claddings – boards with a similar relief. Bases and reception counter with clapboard relief are also made by Artis Visio. All the above mentioned elements are made of architectural concrete.


Restaurant interior

Place: Poland, Kraków, Pl. Nowy Who confided us: Private investor, ‘’Projektoffnia’’ Architectonic Agency Many Artis Visio elements have been used: wall claddings – architectural concrete boards, stairs claddings – treads and risers, and floor made of ‘’La Rambla’’ tiles. We have made also washbasins and groundfloor bar casing – those are the customised elements made of architectural concrete. The local, patio and outdoor area have bee equipped with ‘’Linear’’ and ‘’Cube’’ flowerpots from Artis Visio collection. Plac Nowy 1  

Cricoteka Kantor’s Museum Kraków

Carrying out: Cricoteka Kantor’s Museum Kraków Who confided us: IQ2 Consortium, Marshal of the Małopolskie Voivodeship Artis Visio company took part in revitalisation of Podgórska Powerhouse buildings and in building new object by the Nadwiślańska Street in Kraków. It is the biggest research and exhibition institution, dedicated to the contemporary artists. Our task was to make the finishings of entrance zone of the museum and the composition of materials. We used Artis Visio grey boards of 18mm gauge and dimensions of 120/60 cm. Circoteca

Restaurant Amaro

Carrying out: model of ‘’Tzara’’tile in the Atelier Amaro,  August 2013 Who confided us:  investor: Modest Amaro Owner, Modest Amaro, is a juror of many culinary TV shows and the author of culinary books. Atelier Amaro was by  awarded Michelin culinary guide star. In this project, we used ‘’Tzara’’ tile to decorate walls and the front side of the bar. This tile makes the interior elegant and classy. An unconventional use of ‘’Tzara’’ tile was the biggest surprise – it also plays the role of snack plate. As you may see, tiles are not only decorations of wall, but also culinary gadgets.  

Piotr Kucharski’s culinary studio, Wrocław

Place: Mieszczański Brewery Carrying out: September 2014 Who confided us: Design Agency ‘’MR Studio’’, investor: Piotr Kucharski We had a pleasure to work with Mr Piotr Kucharski during the renovation of his culinary studio. The location, Mieszczański Brewery in Wrocław, used to be a bottling plant. Thanks to the unique atmosphere of the place, it is a pure pleasure put everything into cooking and then enjoying the results of it. We used ‘’Rivall’’ tile in the studio. It is a very decorative item that adds charm to the place.

Apartment in Kraków

  Private apartment in Kraków Carrying out: Architectonic Agency Anna Kruk Who confided us: Anna Kruk, architect and private investor Wall claddings made of Artis Visio LECA boards (LECA stands for Light Expanded Clay Aggregate).